How to make your own Lalaloopsy Ribbon Wreath

This is how I made a Lalaloopsy Doll ribbon wreath for the birthday party of a friend's daughter. So bright and colourful it was a joy to do.

Lots of bright coloured ribbons of various widths
large buttons
Wired florist's wire ring wreath
Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls

  1. Start by covering the florist wreath wire with ribbon until completely covered
  2. Then start to tie bows of ribbon around the wreath
  3. Continue until completely covered
  4. Then sew on large buttons with bright coloured cotton
  5. Finally secure the mini Lalaloopsy dolls using cotton. The poor things had to be secured by wrapping it around their necks.

The result is so much fun, vibrant, and completely over the top sweetness. So completely perfect for a little girl's party. 

Thanks for reading.

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1 comment:

  1. Your ribbon wreath is really fun. I've made rag wraths of the normal variety but yours looks better. Maybe it is because the poor little dolls with wires round their necks? lol



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