Craft Business Trends for 2013

Current trends in design, fashion, interiors and popular culture often determine the hottest trends in crafts. A crafter who can spot and incorporate popular trends into their work while preserving their own unique signature will capture the attention of their target customers.

Each month I try to spot what I feel the latest trends are.  January is traditionally a month where we look forward to the coming year and within this post I summarise what I believe we will see in 2013. Please do comment to let me know your predictions.

Words and Sayings
We've seen a lot of positive words in framed prints. Cushions with touching sentiments embroidered onto them. I believe this trend will continue well into the first half of 2013.

A fresh, zingy, dynamic pattern starting to be seen on stationery, linen, and mugs.


Bird motifs are proving to still be popular going into 2013. Adorning jewellery, cushions, prints and fabrics.

Romantic, delicate, rustic yet classy. We have already started to see products being embelished with lace giving a vintage feel.

I hope you enjoyed my suggested trend collection for 2013. Please leave a comment below of any of your thoughts about this coming years creative trends.

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  1. There was a trend towards tartan at the end of last year I think this could well continue into this year, together with animals shapes/outlines similar to those of the bird you mentioned. It will be interesting to see how many of these trend predictions turn out to be correct :-)



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